Chicken Necks

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Purely Pets Chicken Necks are simply 100% New Zealand human-grade chicken. We encourage feeding size-appropriate bones, and our Chicken Necks are ideal for all cats and small dogs.

Dental health is very important - when you source bones for your pets, make sure you choose a bone that is the right size and actually allows the animal to cruch and chew it. I.e. you don't want something so small that the pet can simply swallow it whole, and you don't want something too big that the pet can't chew it. Chicken bones are semi-hollow - this makes them nice and soft. These bones are designed to be eaten entirely.

Our Chicken Necks have a meat casing on them, so as well as dental benefits your pet will also be enjoying a meal of tasty meat. Chicken meat is full of essential fatty acids that helps nourish the skin and coat, and also contains high levels of Vitamin A for optimal vitality.

As with all of our products these patties are 100% preservative-free and grain-free.

Feed bones raw; never cook them.

We recommend supervision when feeding bones of any kind.


100% New Zealand chicken.

Daily feeding guide

Feed one Chicken Neck per animal every 1-2 days as a supplementary dietary component.

Only feed Chicken Necks raw.