Goat Medallions

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Purely Pets Goat Medallions are made with 100% New Zealand Goat. They are packed with nutritionally beneficial ingredients for your pet. Goat is a novel protein which can help support pets that have beef or chicken allergy. With low fat levels which can help support healthy weight management. Perfect as a summer cool down treat or as part of a balanced diet to help your pet live a long, healthy and happy life.

As with all of our products these patties are 100% preservative-free and grain-free.

We encourage feeding a variety of Purely Pets products to achieve a balanced diet.


Goat, Pork Heart, Lamb & Lamb Livers

Daily feeding guide

Cat Number of medallions
Small (3kg) 1-2
Medium (4kg) 2
Large (5kg+) 3-4
Dog Number of medallions
Small  (5-10kg) 2-4
Medium (10-20kg) 2-7
Large (20-40kg) 7+


The above is a guide only.

Your pets may need more or less food to maintain a healthy body weight.

Please ensure there is always plenty of fresh, clean drinking water available for your pets.

Nutritional analysis

Nutritional Element Typical analysis per 100g
Protein 18.0%
Fat 7.0%
Energy 550kJ
Sodium 91mg
Iron 3mg
Potassium 268mg
Zinc 2.6mg