The Wonder of Raw Feeding

If you want your cat or dog to have fresh-smelling breath, clean teeth, a shiny coat, boundless energy and great health, then feeding a natural raw meat diet can give you these results.

Our pets' bodies were not designed to eat processed, carbohydrate-loaded food - they were made to eat fresh meat with all the bits and bones in between. Why feed them a diet that keeps them merely maintained when you can provide them with everything they need to thrive and live a happy, healthy, long and satisfied life! Let your pet try and natural, meaty diet and see the benefits for yourself.

Natural Benefits

  • Dental Health - Clean your cat or dog's tetth with a fresh, meaty bone. Bones are nature's toothbrush; they clean tartar from each individual tooth as they are crunched and chewed. We recommend size-appropriate bones; something not so small that the pet can swallow it whole, and not too big that they can't eat the whole bone. Our Veal Bones are great for dogs over 6kg.

  • Stronger Jaws - Chewing meat and bones not only provides entertainment for your cat or dog, but also builds up the jaw, neck and shoulder muscles.

  • High Digestibility - Our cats and dogs have short intestinal tracts - that means they need nutrients that are absorbed quickly and easily by the body. The cat and dog digestive tract is tailored to digesting raw meat, and this is what it does best. All of our raw meat products are highly digestible - not only does this mean the nutrients are utilised well by the body, but because there is less waste you'll find a lower stool output!

  • Skin and Coat Health - Natural meaty diets are high in moisutre and many have high levels of essential fatty acids to nourish the skin and coat. Our Beef & Lamb Patties, Chicken Medallions, Power Patties and Possum Patties are all great sources of essential fatty acids.

  • Muscle Growth and Repair - Protein is essential for for many functions of the body, including muscle growth and development. Natural meaty diets are rich sources of quality protein.

  • Bone and Joint Health - We all know that healthy teeth and bones need calcium, and what better place to find it than in edible bone. Bones are also great sources of glucosamine and chondroitin, two very important nutrients involved in maintaining joint health. Several of our products contain finely ground bone, which is a digestible source of all three of these nutrients - try our Chicken Medallions, Power Patties, Possum Patties and Rabbit & Hare Patties.

  • Digestive Health - Our products are highly digestible, which means the digestive system doesn't have to work so hard to take in nutrients. We use green, unbleached tripe in several of our products which is an absolutely wonder-food - it contains natural raw enzymes and gastric juices that help the digestive systems of our cats and dogs. You can find green unbleached tripe in our Power Patties, Rabbit & Hare Patties and Tripe Patties.

  • Healthy Immune System - Premium nutrition means the body can build a healthier, stronger immune system.

  • High Moisture Content - What is the most important nutrient for survival? WATER! We can go far longer without food than we can go without water. Cats especially have a very low thirst drive; they were designed to get moisture from the food they eat. Feeding a diet high in moisture helps keep the body hydrated, the kidneys flushed and the urine dilute to help reduce the incidence of bladder blockages.

  • Weight Control - Obesity is an overwhelming issue in pets today. A lean, digestible, nutrient-efficient diet will support your pet's weight management. Look for our low-calorie options such as Possum Patties, Rabbit & Hare Patties and our Veal Patties.

  • Condition Building - Some animals need to gain weight or eat high-calorie options, such as underweight pets or puppies and kittens (they are growing rapidly and have high energy requirements). Look for products with higher energy contents, such as our Beef & Lamb Patties, Chicken Medallions, and Power Patties.

  • Vitality - Once your pet has started on a natural, meaty diet they will look and feel great - but don't just take our word for it, try it with your pets today!
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